UPVC Spraying for Cardiff

Can you paint UPVC in rainy weather?

Weather can be difficult to forecast at times especially here in Cardiff. For this reason, it’s quite common that we get asked “Can you paint UPVC in rainy weather?“. Our answer probably leans more toward “no”. However, we don’t let that fully stop our plans and ambitions for spray painting in some cases. Many people may feel this way because it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to spraying. This is because rainwater can muck up the paint or the surface you’re painting. It doesn’t completely matter if it’s raining, but there are ways we can continue with the project despite the weather.

What happens if you paint in rainy weather?

If you attempt to paint in the rain, the weather will lengthen the time it takes for the paint to dry. So will increase the overall amount of time it takes to finish the project. Even if you finish the painting in rainy weather, the following morning’s dew will put the paint and the job at even greater risk. So we wouldn’t want that to happen after putting in all that hard work and planning.

So can you paint UPVC in rainy weather?

Our company’s policy on painting in rainy weather is simply that we do not do it! The risks involved far outweigh the possible results. But, this does not mean to say that we don’t just sit around and do absolutely nothing. There are many other steps to spraying so we would start working our way through them. From removing the old silicone to cleaning down the frames and sometimes even masking off. But we don’t do the masking if it’s really heavy rain. By preveiling on with these steps we get right up to the point until we are ready to spray. Then as soon as the weather breaks we can start! We only need a few hours of dry weather to apply the three coats and for it to safely dry.

An image of a UPVC window which we would not be able to paint as it rainy weather outside

What about the cold weather too?

Our UPVC sprayers in Cardiff have determined that UPVC is more useful when painted at a eight degrees Celsius temperature. This was found after extensive research and testing. The reason for this is that extreme weather like freezing and cold weather slows down the drying process of the paint. So this results in a longer drying time or even a complete halt in the drying process. This is something you don’t want when you spray paint your windows or doors. 

Just ask our UPVC sprayers

To help you realise your desire to have a house project done, we recommend that you give us a call. From there, we can talk about when it would be most convenient and easy for you to get the job done. Even if the weather isn’t on our side, whenever our team of specialist UPVC sprayers in Cardiff visits your home or site, they are prepared to deal with any conditions that may arise, such as rain. So please, if you’re unsure what to do and come to us for a project, we’ll get the job done one way or another, whether it’s raining or not!