UPVC Spraying for Cardiff

Is there a lot of overspray?

Customers will always ask “Is there a lot of overspray?“. It makes sense seeing as we are spaying. But although there is overspray, we wouldn’t say that it’s a lot. Furthermore, even if it was a lot, we spend so much time in the preparation phase masking everything off that it still won’t get on any area you don’t want it to. No service is perfect, but our UPVC spraying Cardiff team always do our best and tries to minimise any situations where damage could happen.

Painting Vs spraying problems

Paint can be runny or thick in the art of painting in general. But when spray painting, “Overspray” is a common problem. Despite how common it is, it can still be avoided in all of your home improvement endeavours. Most often, overspray is caused by spray painting in an area where the air pressure pattern and the painting direction aren’t necessarily aligned. However, if you’re UPVC door spraying or window spraying outside your home, the wind can also affect your spraying and result in some overspray after you’re done.

A graphic image of a house that has had its windows prayed grey and you can see a lot of overspray

How can you avoid a lot of overspray?

Overspray is inevitable. But below we have a few pointers on how to reduce it and avoid any other problems:

  • You must keep an eye out for wind in the area where you plan to paint your project. Some Cardiff window spraying companies even set up a “spray/paint booth” for any smaller projects where spray painting could cause damage. 
  • Among the common causes of overspray, the distance between the sprayer and the surface is an easy one to solve. You simply don’t hold the gun too far off the surface. But remember, still don’t get too close or it’ll affect the final finish.
  • Protective masking tape will also be placed around any areas or items that you do not want to be sprayed with overspray during the cleaning process.
  • Larger items can be completely removed from the vicinity.
  • Make sure you thoroughly clean your spray guns out after every job. This is to remove any leftover paint which can clog and cause uneven spraying patterns.

Hire the right company

We know overspray sounds bad. But you can count on us to take extra care if you hire us for your home spraying project. As the home is where great memories are made, we always use the best tools and materials available. So this is to minimise the little mishaps mentioned earlier. Our spraying services in Cardiff have been going for a while now and we always build strong relationships with our customers. So any of them will tell you that you know need to worry about a lot of overspray.