UPVC Spraying for Cardiff

Garage Door Spraying Cardiff

Our garage door spraying team in Cardiff sprayed this garage door with the popular anthracite grey colour

Even if your garage door still works, are you dissatisfied with the way it looks? Homeowners and businesses alike can benefit from the quick and efficient garage door spraying in Cardiff. Whether it’s a metal, composite, or wood garage door that needs a fresh coat of paint, we’ve got you covered.


Expert garage door sprayers in Cardiff at your service

Look no further than our company if you require a garage door sprayer. Our garage door team are masters of their craft and can restore any type of material for the garage door. For a factory-like finish, we use the latest technology and the highest quality of specialised garage door spray paint. So after it, you won’t be able to stop talking about your new garage door paint job.

Transform your garage door with professional spraying

The goal of our garage door spray painting service is to improve the appearance of your door, as well as to reinforce the frames and trim that already exist. All-weather protection and a new lease on life are two of the benefits of using our garage door spray paint. Free quotes are available to see if spraying rather than replacing is more cost-effective. But we already know that it is.

Affordable alternatives with garage door spraying

A less expensive alternative to replacement is spraying garage doors, which is becoming increasingly popular in residential areas. For both commercial and residential properties alike. We also have the tools and ability to spray paint front and back doors, shutters and even internal doors.

UPVC spraying at competitive rates in Cardiff

Our team with their competitive UPVC spraying cost in Cardiff can help you get a great-looking garage door at a fraction of the price of replacing it. Often customers want to change the colour of their garage doors to match their windows. This we can also help with.

Comprehensive garage door spraying services

We can spray paint different types of garage doors:

  • Fibreglass garage doors
  • Glassfibre Reinforced Plastic (GRP) garage doors
  • Stainless Steel garage doors
  • Aluminium garage doors
  • Accordion Shutters

Professional technique for lasting results

When our spray paint technicians arrive at your home, they will begin by thoroughly cleaning the exterior of the garage door. Before spraying, we often use a high-build etch primer to remove scratches and dings from the surface. If necessary, we can also fill any holes or damaged areas.

Superior quality and longevity

Afterwards, we meticulously mask the garage door’s immediate surroundings to ensure their safety. The paint spray system is then used to apply the spray paint by our trained technicians. This top-of-the-line airless system ensures consistent application, tight control of overspray, and a flawless finish. Using this method, your doors will look new for a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

Benefits of garage door spraying in Cardiff

​Effortless, quick, and cost-effective

Spraying your garage door is a hassle-free and speedy way to refresh its appearance. Compared to other methods like fully replacing them, it’s a more affordable solution that saves both time and money.

Indistinguishable from new

Our professional spraying technique ensures that your garage door looks brand new after the process. Say goodbye to worn-out appearances and hello to a rejuvenated door.

Weather-resistant and customisable

If you’re looking for door paint that will weather well, we can help and also provide colour recommendations. A custom colour-matching service can be provided, or clients can select from a variety of standard colours.

Professionalism makes a difference

You can’t buy the same spray-painting equipment we use over the counter, but you can get a cheap electric sprayer. These can come in handy for a variety of do-it-yourself tasks. But they are not as easy to use as you might think and usually the results are disappointing.

Durable finish for years to come

We use factory spray paint because it is fast and provides an even finish. Then we spray three coats of paint onto the door, allowing each coat to dry for 30 minutes in between. Furthermore, the paint we use is solvent-based and designed for outdoor use, making it extremely durable and long-lasting.

Speak to our Cardiff garage door sprayers!

Our Cardiff spray painter’s purpose when spraying garage doors is to make them look as if they were straight out of the factory. We’re great at what we do which is why if you search for garage door sprayers near me then we’ll be at the top. Then you can get free quotes from us if your garage door needs painting. Fill out our quote form or give us a ring at 029 2271 0032. Finally, for your complete peace of mind, we guarantee all of our spray painting work for ten years.​