UPVC Spraying for Cardiff

How do you access top windows?

The home is such an important part of our lives. So when having work done, we want to make sure that we don’t overlook any small detail. When you think about the top windows, roof, or chimney of your home, one of the first things that comes to mind is the accessibility of these areas. You may ask “How do you access top windows?”, “How do you get on the roof?” or “How can you reach the chimney?”. But for this page, we’ll just focus on the windows and we don’t spray roofs or chimneys.

Different ways to reach the top windows

When you come to us with a spray painting project for your house, the UPVC window spraying Cardiff team can help you in a number of ways. It is possible to get to the top of your home with some of these methods.


This is probably the most common method at our disposal. It’s an item that we always carry on the van. This is because they are lightweight and can pretty much sort us for 90% of jobs up high.

Our Cardiff UPVC sprayer carrying a ladder through a customer's house to access the top windows out the back

Portable towers

The next thing up from a ladder is portable towers. It’s not something we own or keep on the van. But we have got contacts who can lend them to us and if they are unavailable then there are plenty of reasonably priced hire services.


Every once in a while we get a big project. It’s usually for commercial spraying in Cardiff. So as there is a lot more work it wouldn’t be efficient to keep on having to move the ladders every time we move onto the next window. Therefore we have worked with several scaffolders in the local area who can erect structures for us if need be.

Our surroundings

Although they may be top windows, sometimes we can access them if there is a tall wall near the windows, a raised bank nearby or possibly a large tree. We have even sprayed before by reversing our van up and standing on top of it.

We'll get to the top windows one way or another

We may not be able to use a ladder to get to some of your top windows. In this case, we’ll go through the process of creating makeshift platforms or hiring equipment. So we ensure that we get to the top windows of your home. If you type in “UPVC window spraying near me,” we should show up, and we know exactly how to make your visions come to life. There is no problem with the top windows because we’ve got you covered!