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Window Spraying Cardiff

A window that has been taped up and sprayed black in Cardiff

You have just about had it from looking at your faded windows and decided that enough is enough and that you need to change them. We get it, with windows and doors being such a focal point of any house it is no wonder why people want them to look the absolute best. The trouble is that replacing windows costs a lot of money. This is where our window spraying Cardiff team comes in. We can make your windows look like they have been changed and we can do it in a fraction of the time but most important for a fraction of the cost.


Renew your property's appearance with UPVC spray paint

You might have seen that your window paint is chipping, bubbling or faded and it needs some restoration. This could also be on the windows of your conservatory that need spraying. You might be a business owner who wants to make your commercial property more appealing to the crowd. There is even a chance that you had some windows fitting not that long ago but you just really don’t like the colour.

The advantages of UPVC spray painting

Whichever category you fall into, if you are looking for a revamp on your property without breaking the bank then we are the company to call! We have the perfect solution and that is UPVC window spraying. This option will not only spruce up the look of your property but it actually protects the windows too. This is because they have had a new coating and this will result in a longer lifespan. So you get the fresh and clean brand-new look and it offers high-quality protection from the elements which we, unfortunately, see a lot of in Cardiff.

Professional results with paint spraying

Now you can go ahead and try painting UPVC windows yourself but it does not give the perfect finish that spraying can. This is because a brush can leave behind brush strokes that look like it has clearly been hand-painted. Furthermore, if you’re not experienced in painting then it is pretty likely that you will leave behind drips and splashes. And these will look messy and are difficult to clean up afterwards. Plus, hand painting will take much longer than spraying. So it’s far less efficient and it’s harder to apply the paint evenly which affects the durability of the paint.

Benefits of paint spraying

Paint spraying, on the other hand, yields more professional-looking results with less effort and time. It can give you the precise “factory finish” look you want without the headache of brushes or rollers. Not only that, but it’s also more cost-effective.

Consider spraying instead of replacing

Instead of replacing your UPVC windows, consider spray painting them! This will give you the new, restored look you desire while requiring significantly less effort. Spray painting UPVC windows is simple and quick, saving you time and effort. You also eliminate all of the hassles associated with a replacement because no construction is necessary. While a replacement could take days or even weeks, spray painting can be completed in a matter of hours!

Explore popular colour choices

It has become increasingly fashionable to paint with UPVC, and Anthracite Grey RAL 7016 is by far the most popular colour choice around Cardiff. In any case, we are delighted to provide a free quote for spray painting your UPVC windows regardless of the colour you select.

Contact our Cardiff window sprayers today!

Customer’s homes and businesses have been transformed for years by our UPVC window spraying Cardiff services, with an impressive track record of success. You can find us by searching for “paint sprayers near me” and using one of the multiple contact methods on our website. Then a free, no-obligation estimate to spray paint your UPVC windows is available upon request.