UPVC Spraying for Cardiff

Conservatory Spraying Cardiff

A photo of a white conservatory in Cardiff that is masked off ready for our spraying team

There is no better way to add value to your property than with a conservatory. You may enjoy the sun and the outdoors while also enhancing your property’s value and effect with the addition of skylights. That’s why you need to keep it in good shape! We think the best way to do this is with conservatory spraying in Cardiff. But you need to hire a professional like us, so search for ‘UPVC spraying near me‘ and we’ll show up.


Why spend money on a new conservatory?

Your conservatory’s paint can begin to flake and fade over time. When it comes to older conservatories, especially those made of unpainted wood or white UPVC, they tend to seem aged. In most circumstances, replacing your conservatory is unnecessary and expensive. A fresh coat of paint may be the only thing that is needed to bring it back to its former glory.

Revive the existing conservatory by spraying

If you’ve recently moved into a home or are planning to buy a home, but the UPVC conservatory is old and out-of-date, you may want to pass on the purchase completely. This is because it would be expensive to build a new conservatory! However, having the old one sprayed is the best alternative if it is in good shape other than the colour you despise. We also feel the same about kitchens. This is because the cupboards are usually fine and it’s just to colour choice that becomes outdated. So we also offer a kitchen spraying service in Cardiff.

A conservatory full-scale revamp

Spraying conservatories, replacing the glass, spraying specific portions of the glass for privacy, and also changing hinges and handles are just some of the things we’ve done for years. We offer access equipment for both polycarbonate and glass UPVC conservatory roofs, depending on the size of the conservatory. We give the same amount of care and attention to spraying UPVC conservatories as we do with our door and window spraying services.

The conservatory spraying in Cardiff process

Successful UPVC spraying boils down to thorough preparation and the use of a specialist coating. 80% of the time taken to spray a conservatory is taken up by the cleaning and masking processes. Once this has been completed we achieve a factory finish with a coating that we have been using for years.

Clearing what's there

We start by dry brushing down the brickwork, frame and glass to remove as much of the dirt, dust and cobwebs as possible.

Removing existing silicone

Any old silicone is then cut out as no matter how good the paint is it won’t stick to silicone.

Detach sashes

The opening windows are then removed. We see companies spraying conservatories with the opening windows left in place but we regard this as bad practice. Removing the opening windows allows us to clean them and the frame thoroughly. It also makes for easier, precise masking up and allows for the spraying of even coats.


Cleaning the plastic is probably the most important part of the preparation process. We use a strong preparatory cleaning solvent specifically designed for the cleaning of old UPVC. This solvent cleaner is used together with lint-free cloths and extra-fine scotch pads. Special attention is given to the welds where dirt and grime accumulate. The fine scotch pads also abrade the surfaces lightly but without scratching the plastic.


Our next step is to cover all of these surfaces with a thick layer of masking tape. Also, dust sheets are covering the floors and walkways.


Having used our UPVC spray paint for years, we are confident in its performance. It’s durable, flexible and resistant to UV rays, so it’s ideal for outdoor use.

We begin by applying a very light ‘dust coat’ to all of the plastic using our expert spray equipment. Whether or not any pollutants have remained on the surface will be revealed by this test, which is performed under a vacuum. We’re okay to proceed as long as the paint doesn’t react in any way. Then two more coatings are sprayed onto the surface.


Upon drying, the paint has a perfect, factory finish. The masking can be removed after the paint has dried. Re-seal the frames with colour-matched silicone, and then re-install the opening windows.

Final clean up

Lastly, everything must be checked and cleaned up to ensure that the task is done correctly.

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Conservatory spraying in Cardiff is popular with homeowners who have either inherited an outdated model or are in the market for a facelift on their current one. This is probably because spraying a UPVC conservatory’s exterior might cost anything from £1,000 to £6,000. But a replacement can be anything from £10,000 to £30,000! So give our team a call here if you have any other questions.