UPVC Spraying for Cardiff

What if my UPVC is cracked?​

Even once newly installed windows will eventually begin to reveal their age and wear. This is especially true for older windows that have depreciated. So you think about getting them sprayed but don’t know if you can so you ask “What if my UPVC is cracked?”. The colour coat is no exception to the ravages of time, and it may develop cracks and peel as a result. When this happens, it’s very common so don’t panic too much. Plus there’s usually a way to fix it without having to fully replace the windows or doors. To help our customers, our UPVC spraying Wales team encourages them to phone us as soon as they notice evidence of paint peeling or cracking. Then we can advise them on what to do next or we may check out the UPVC ourselves.

Crack fixing before spraying

Do you see peeling or cracking in your UPVC? Then some steps and processes can be followed to assist you in fixing it. As with most home improvement projects, patience and a proper plastic filler, this one being low shrinkage, are required here.

Small cracks

Let’s say your UPVC window or door has a minor crack. These are less of a concern because they may be repaired with little to no trace. But you’ll still need some patience to ensure that all the details are done correctly.

A graphic photo of a brown UPVC window with a crack in it

Big cracks

When larger fractures begin to form, things get a little more difficult. If you detect big cracks in your UPVC, we strongly recommend that you call us as soon as possible! This is because they pose a significant risk to your safety and the structure of your windows and doors. We may either walk you through the repair process or come to your site or house to assist you directly if that is more convenient for you and your family.

We might be able to help with your cracked UPVC

When it comes to some of the options available, if the cracks have caused significant damage, extensive repairs and possibly even a replacement window or door are to be expected. However, if you search for ‘paint sprayers near me‘ then you should find us. Then our company is more than happy to take a look to see if we can repair the crack before spraying. Furthermore, the new spray coat on top of it will help if the crack isn’t too big to begin with. We take customer service very seriously and we make sure that only the best is given to you.