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Door Spraying Cardiff

A front door in Cardiff that has been sprayed with black

With our team of highly skilled, experienced, and qualified professionals at UPVC Spraying for Cardiff, we can provide you with top-quality UPVC door spraying services. Yes, you read that correctly because it’s not just spraying windows we offer but doors too. This is because we want your property to stand out from the crowd so that you can personalise it to your heart’s content. Plus our spraying service is a quarter of the cost of full replacements. So with UPVC door spraying, you can keep your doors looking their best without having to spend a fortune on new ones. Our professional UPVC painting Cardiff staff will leave your house looking new.


Experienced door sprayers in Cardiff

If you need an on-site spraying service for your UPVC doors in Cardiff, look no further than our team. In addition to our wide knowledge and highly competent crew of specialised paint sprayers, we are used to offering outstanding solutions adapted to particular needs. Every time we work on your property, we aim to produce perfect results across a wide range of spray coatings.

Your UPVC goods can be restored to their previous splendour or entirely recoloured by us. We have extensive training in the application of UV-resistant coatings specifically suited for UPVC surfaces. Plastics can be painted, despite the widespread belief that they cannot. This is not the case. UPVC expands and shrinks throughout the day, which is why the solutions we use have such a high adhesion rate and are flexible.

Spraying doors instead of replacing

In many cases, spraying UPVC doors can eliminate the need for a complete replacement of the pricey components. Most people change their UPVC doors because they find them unappealing. Before our work begins, at the very least, misted glass can be removed and replaced. A few advantages are:

Save money

The cost of UPVC spraying is a fraction of the cost of a door replacement project. Especially if you are thinking about getting a composite door!


UPVC spraying lasts at least 10 years and is capable of withstanding harsh environments. Therefore this will prolong your existing door’s lifespan.

Much cleaner

As no construction is necessary because we don’t need to rip anything out, there will be very little waste. Just a couple of rolls of tape and protective paper to clean up at the end.

Aesthetically pleasing

With traditional painting, you have to use a brush. But with spraying we use spray guns so there are no brush marks to ruin the look.


We can spray your front door with pretty much any colour you can imagine. So you can choose the right colour to match the appearance you want to achieve. Often customers will try to match an existing house feature such as a garage door, windows or guttering.

Preparation before perfection

A long-lasting, robust finish can only be achieved with proper surface preparation and high-quality paint application. Whether you’re rebranding your company and need a new colour scheme or just want to refresh your current one, our PVC door sprayers in Cardiff can help. Below is a brief overview of the steps involved:

Remove old silicone

Removing the old silicone between the frames and the render is an essential part of our process. So our experienced team of UPVC door sprayers use a silicone remover and a panel wipe.

Clean the surface

The surface of the UPVC will be cleaned using a variety of specialised methods to eliminate contaminants.

Roughen it up a bit

A little abrasion will be applied to the door to generate a surface for the spray paint to stick to when this initial preparation is complete.

Mask off everything else

Items that aren’t going to be sprayed will be carefully covered with sheets of protective paper and tape.

Now we spray

There will be three coats of paint applied to the doors to ensure complete opacity and a high level of durability.

Remove the masking

After the masking tape and paper masking have been removed, the freshly sprayed frames and slabs have new crisp and sharp lines.

Re-seal with new silicone

To match the UPVC spray-painted goods, silicone is swapped out for colour-matched silicone. This also ensures that the newly restored UPVC is weatherproof.

Reach out to our Cardiff door spraying team now!

You can use our UPVC spraying services for both residential and business purposes. Interior UPVC can also be sprayed by our UPVC door spraying crew. But, if you have any further questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.