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Kitchen Spraying Cardiff

A photo of a kitchen in Cardiff that received our spraying service

There is no need to replace your kitchen cabinets and doors with our kitchen spraying in Cardiff service. Simply spraying your kitchen cabinets and fixtures can save you a significant sum of money. So to transform the look of your kitchen without replacing cabinets and fixtures, the UPVC painting Cardiff team is here to help. 



Spray, DON'T replace!

Does the style of your kitchen cabinets and drawer fronts already match the rest of your home’s decor and are they in good condition? Then there is no need to replace them! You can transform your kitchen into a vibrant and inviting space with our specialist spraying services. Our kitchen spraying service comes in a variety of colours. So you can save a lot of money by having the doors and drawers sprayed if you are satisfied with the current design.

Our kitchen spray paint

We use professional-grade paints and coatings that are scratch-resistant and long-lasting in our work. These long-lasting paints come in a wide variety of hues so that you can find something that matches your style. The RAL colour codes that you provide will be matched to one of our matte, satin, or gloss finishes. So basically, all the popular heritage and national trust colours can be sprayed by us.

The steps of kitchen spraying in Cardiff

To give your drab and outdated kitchen a fresh look, consider having the doors, drawers, trim, and plinths that make up your kitchen units professionally spray-painted in the colour of your choice. Below, we outline the step-by-step process:

Removing parts

Before any kitchen spraying starts, all components such as doors, cornices, drawers, and plinths are carefully removed. The remaining kitchen surfaces are meticulously prepared, sealed, and masked to ensure precision. Whether we conduct the work onsite, in our mobile spray booth, or within a temperature-controlled environment, your kitchen receives undivided attention.

Thorough preparation

The key to a durable and flawless finish lies in meticulous preparation. Before applying a fresh coat of paint, we meticulously clean and prepare all surfaces and materials to guarantee a long-lasting, high-quality result.

Repairs and refinements

Any existing lacquer is removed, surfaces are degreased, and any damages are expertly repaired to restore the integrity of your kitchen units.

Custom colours and finishes

Choose from a spectrum of hues as we coat your kitchen in a colour of your preference using lead-free acid catalyst cellulose paint, available in a satin finish. Our paints are specifically formulated for kitchen use, ensuring durability and style. We can also match your kitchen’s existing colour scheme, providing a personalised remodelling experience.

Precise fitting

Once the spraying process is complete, we’ll schedule a convenient time to reinstall all cupboard doors, end panels, plinths, and drawers. Whether it’s addressing previous issues with loose fixtures or ensuring a seamless fit, our team handles every detail with care and professionalism. Throughout the remodelling process, we maintain transparency, discussing possibilities and limitations openly.

Kitchen spraying experience and guarantee

It doesn’t matter what type of material you have as your kitchen cabinet, we can spray it. All of our sprayers are certified applicators and have years of experience. The paints we use have been specifically designed for indoor use, and they are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. In our capacity as kitchen sprayers, we stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee. Also, we back our work for a minimum of 10 years which is the fairest offer you’ll ever find. To learn more about our kitchen spray painting services, get in touch with us right away.

Contact our kitchen sprayers in Cardiff today!

Above all, you can count on us to treat your property with respect and courtesy. When it comes to our work, we take great pride in it. So, want to get more information about our kitchen spraying services or even our commercial spray painting services? Then please contact us today to receive a free, no-obligation estimate.