UPVC Spraying for Cardiff

Do I need to vacate the property?

Whenever we spray any feature of a home or business the customer usually asks “Do I need to vacate the property?”. We can see why they might think this as spraying windows in Cardiff sounds like the whole place needs to be clear. But that isn’t actually how it is for most cases. For instance, are you only having the outside done? Then you don’t need to spend 4 hours in Costa or wander aimlessly around St Davids Shopping Centre. What if you’re having your kitchen sprayed or inside of a conservatory? Then you still haven’t got to vacate the property. However, you will have to vacate the room that we’re working in.

Importance of initial presence

You actually need to be at the property on the initial visit so you can tell us everything that needs to be done. Then ideally to make sure everything goes as planned, we suggest having someone present at the beginning of the job. This is just for a quick recap or even any possible changes. But we do understand that people have busy lives. So if you can’t be there at the start and nothing has changed from the original plan then you can go about your day as normal. Yet, if you could do the pre-requested things before we arrive and maybe leave out a kettle then that would be great.

Image of a man sitting on the sofa with his cat and a cup of coffee because you don't need to vacate the property for external spraying

​Internal work vs. external work

There you have it, if it’s internal work then you need to vacate the room but not the entire property. Then if it’s external you can keep your feet up on the sofa all day. So you can either go or stay and supervise our workers, it all comes down to personal preference. Sometimes it’s nice to vacate the property. This is because when you come home you can see how the front of your house has transformed. In our company, we ensure that our customers receive nothing but the best UPVC spraying in Wales service. Regardless of whether or not they are present to receive it.