UPVC Spraying for Cardiff

Spraying your garage door in Cardiff.

A garage door that is looking terrible and needs to be sprayed

Spray painting a double garage door is something we are frequently asked about.

Recently we went to a job where the garage door was in great shape, especially considering it had been there since the house was built. Even though it was filthy, it was in good shape.

The client suggested switching to Dulux’s Tranquil Dawn from the current white. We got this shade matched to the specialised pvc spray paint we use.


First, we used a dustpan and brush to remove any loose dirt or cobwebs from the door’s surface, frame, top, bottom, and edges. Then we scrubbed the door with a combination of hot water, fine scotch pads, and a powerful cleaning solution. After that, we used microfibre cloths to dry the surface thoroughly. That did away with the superficial grime. Then, we dried it off as thoroughly as we could by wiping it down.

It was then time to put on a mask. Garage goods were wrapped in plastic and dust sheets were laid over the floor. The side brickwork and the soffit/fascia over the door were protected with masking paper.

In the beginning, very little dusting is applied.

Any dirt or debris left on the surface will be accentuated by the dust coat and cause the paint to react negatively. Two more complete coats are sprayed on after making sure the paint hasn’t reacted. The door may be covered uniformly if you make a series of linear passes across it, overlapping by half on each pass.

When the paint dries, it will seem like it came straight from the factory.

We hope you learnt more about how we spray garage doors in this in-depth blog post. You may view additional examples of the before and after results of our UPVC spraying service on both our website and our Facebook page.

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