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Is UPVC spraying hated by window companies?

Is UPVC spraying hated by window companies?

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For homeowners wishing to enhance the appearance of their windows without having to replace them, UPVC window spraying in Cardiff is a reasonably priced and ecologically responsible alternative. However, certain window manufacturers may feel conflicted about this procedure. In this blog post, we’ll look at the advantages for homeowners as well as the reasons why window companies would detest UPVC spraying.

Reasons why window companies may dislike UPVC spraying

It is less expensive than buying new windows

The most apparent reason why spraying may be despised by window manufacturers is that it offers a more affordable option than replacing windows. Windows may be given a complete revamp with UPVC spraying, which can increase their lifetime by up to 10 years. This implies that homeowners may save money on replacements while potentially losing business to window manufacturers.

UPVC spraying lowers the need for new windows

Homeowners could be less likely to completely replace their windows as a consequence of spraying. Furthermore, they could be less inclined to buy new windows in the future if they are pleased with the way their windows look after spraying. This would cause demand for replacement windows to fall, which would be bad for window makers.

It has an impact on the window's warranty

UPVC window spraying in Cardiff, which is regarded as a modification, may potentially have an impact on the warranty of windows. Some people may be worried if a homeowner chooses to spray their windows since doing so would violate the guarantee. Those warranties are sometimes a prominent selling element. So this may influence the volume of replacement windows that window makers sell.

The window's functionality may be impaired with UPVC spraying

The performance of windows may also be impacted by UPVC spraying. Incorrect spray application might result in problems including inadequate insulation, moisture, or even damage to the windows themselves. This can result in dissatisfied clients and diminished sales for window businesses. But it’s easy to avoid this problem if you thinking of having your windows sprayed. All you have to do is go with a reputable sprayer in Cardiff, such as us.


To summarise, the main reason that window companies may not like spraying is because instead of people replacing windows when they don’t like them anymore, which has always been the case. They can now spray them at a fraction of the cost. So this pulls the profit from window companies who once had a monopoly of the market.

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