UPVC Spraying for Cardiff

Spraying gutters, fascias and soffits.

Spraying gutters, fascias and soffits

Gutters and downpipe that have been sprayed black

Our company specialises in UPVC painting in Cardiff, which is commonly done on windows, doors, and conservatories. However, our capabilities do not end there as we can spray any exterior fixtures that are located on your property. We have also been called for spraying gutters, fascias, soffits and downpipes. Plus all these enhancements to the appearance of the exterior of your home and the UPVC spraying cost is a portion of the price of complete replacements.

These fittings are typically composed of UPVC plastic, which is a material that is comparable to that of your double glazing. They will become less vibrant with time and have an ugly yellowish-brown hue. Nevertheless, the specialised spraying equipment and techniques that we have can return them to their initial condition or even improve upon them.

Many of our clients are surprised by how much of a change we are able to make to the overall appearance of their property. Not only does this enhance the house’s value, but it also gives it a more contemporary aspect.

The spraying gutters, fascias and soffits process


The process of preparing these fittings is extremely similar to that used for the fabrication of UPVC windows and doors. Before we spray them, we give them a complete cleaning. So this makes certain that all of the dirt and grime are removed completely. Then, to achieve a flawless preparation of the surface, a specialised chemical solution that was developed for the purpose of removing worn plastics is used, in conjunction with a very fine scotch (sandpaper).

After that, the surrounding area is masked off to minimise overspray. By covering up your brickwork with professional masking materials, you prevent the paint from covering the portions of your property that do not require a new colour. Because they are made of paper, these masking materials are quite simple to dispose of. They can either be recycled or thrown away by simply being placed in bags and thrown away. As soon as we have completed the spraying service, all of the waste will be removed.

Coating for grip and undercoating

The next step is to apply a paint known as a “grip coat,” which helps the finish or topcoat stick to the surfaces. This step is necessary because it prevents the paint from flaking off. If this grip coat wasn’t done, there is a good chance that the paint on your home’s fixtures would start to flake and peel after only a short length of time. This would give your property an unprofessional aspect and would be your fault.

A choice of colours

We can spray your guttering, fascias, soffits, and metre boxes in any colour you select as part of our guttering spraying services. In most cases, this will be the same colour as your window frames and/or doors.

Other fixtures that we are able to spray

Included among the components of your property that we can spray are the following:

  • Soffits, Meter Boxes, and Soffits
  • Fascias
  • The Drainpipes and Waste pipes
  • Soil Stacks Guttering Window Shutters
  • Wall Cladding


As you can see, we have the ability to spray just about everything you can think of. We have even sprayed composite fence panels and gates before! So if you’re looking for a company for spraying gutters in Cardiff then look no further!

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