UPVC Spraying for Cardiff

Can you also spray cladding?

Can you also spray cladding?

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The question “Can you also spray cladding?” has a straightforward response of “Yes.” There is a likely chance that you found your way to this page by searching on the internet. Most likely for a question along the lines of “How do you paint UPVC cladding?” or “UPVC spraying near me

Does spraying cladding really work?

We have been spraying the UPVC cladding for years now. The development of paint technology has made it possible to successfully coat formerly difficult-to-work-with materials like plastic cladding. Because the paints that we use have great adherence, we can spray UPVC cladding, windows, doors, conservatories, fences, fascia, and rainwater goods, among other things, with complete confidence.

What are the steps involved to spray cladding?

Step 1

Preparing the surface properly before spray painting plastic cladding is the first step. Firstly, we get rid of all of the outdated silicone. Then the surfaces should be scrubbed with a cleanser that is solvent-based and scotch pads with an extra fine grit. These pads assist in removing dirt and grime from the surfaces while also providing a light abrasion that does not scratch the plastic.

Step 2

The surrounding stone or brick, glass, and entrances into rooms are then masked off before we continue.

Step 3

In addition to the plastic covering, we also whitewash the windows that are already on the house using spray paint. A very thin layer of our specialised UPVC paint is then applied as a dust coat. If any dirt or other pollutants are left on the plastic after cleaning, this will cause the paint to react in an unfavourable manner. We will continue to spray further full coats until we have achieved complete coverage once we have determined that there has been no reaction.

Step 4

The paint dries so quickly! So we can remove the masking anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes after starting the process, depending on the temperature. After that, we use colour-matched silicone to reseal the perimeter of the frames.

Are you planning on selling your home?

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to sell your home quickly then you need to take care of things that have a big impact. We think that cladding is one of them. This is because it usually covers a large area and so if it’s old or discoloured then it might affect the value of your property. But there is no need to risk that, just get your cladding sprayed by our professionals.

Popular colour choices

When it comes to UPVC spraying in Cardiff for cladding, anthracite grey and black have proven to be the most popular colour combinations. On the other hand, the number of colours that we can spray is essentially unbounded. Make your selection from the colour charts provided by major manufacturers such as Dulux, Farrow and Ball, or the British Standard Association (RAL).


Although it’s not the most common type of job we get called to do, it is becoming more popular. We think the reason is that cladding is often a big focal point on any home so giving it a fresh coat of spray paint can really make it pop and look brand new. If you have any more questions about spraying cladding in Cardiff then please don’t hesitate to call us now.

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