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Which is better for the environment, to spray or replace windows?

Which is better for the environment, to spray or replace windows?

An overhead photo of trees as this blog post is about if it is better for the environment to spray or replace windows

By design, UPVC windows help keep heat in. But what happens if you wish to swap them out for something more energy-efficient? Getting new windows can be really expensive compared to spraying but we’ll discuss that in another blog post. We will focus on the environment in today’s post which we’ll look at the options to spray or replace windows.

Preserving wooden windows with respray options

Wooden windows cannot be re-stained or painted, they must be replaced. Then the old frames are thrown away when you desire a new look or they discolour. A respray with qualified sprayers in Cardiff may be an option at this point, so put the project on hold and evaluate it. It can not only give an excellent finish, but it is also beneficial to the environment over the long term.

Environmental implications of UPVC recycling

An essay written by VELFAC Windows for the RIBA CPD platform in 2018 shows that UPVC can be recycled However, the process is difficult and some components that could be hazardous to the environment degrade slowly if left to decompose. In order to manufacture the new window frames, fossil fuels and chlorine gas must be used. Then the old ones must either be thrown away or recycled. The humidity did not affect the PVC samples in the tests they ran for lifespan. However, temperature and UV damaged the samples severely, causing severe discolouration. When we work with clients, we see that the white frames are typically discoloured or spotty. According to Heriot-Watt University’s lifestyle evaluation conducted in June 2013, UPVC window’s projected service life is only 25-35 years. As a result of this, you know that at some point you will need to replace or re-paint.

Challenges in window replacing waste management

Only 3% of PVC waste is now recycled, according to an article by the World Wildlife Fund. 82% of the waste is disposed of in a landfill, while 15% is burnt. Though there is room for improvement, WWF’s analysis estimates that recycling capacity is barely a fifth of what is needed.

Environmental considerations in UPVC spraying

Spraying your UPVC frames has some environmental consequences due to the paint that is used. But the impact is far less than recycling and manufacturing a complete uPVC frame. As a result of our usage of solvent-based paint with low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), we can reduce our environmental footprint while still delivering a high-quality finish.

Cost-effective and eco-friendly window spraying

As such, the UPVC spraying cost rather than replacing windows is both more price-effective and better for the environment in the long run. So it is worth noting when considering to spray or replace windows.


From reading this post you can see that spraying is better for the environment. Now we need to make sure that the project looks great after spraying. Therefore, having a professional handle this with specialised paint is really necessary. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with our UPVC spraying Cardiff team before you replace your old windows. As soon as we have a better idea of your schedule, we’ll get back to you with further information about colours. Also, you can look at our work in our galleries and our reviews on our webpage.

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